I recently saw a post on Twitter that had people polarized with their opinions on the topic. A lady had posted a picture of her nightstand, looking very organized and clean, along with a picture of her boyfriend's nightstand. Actually he didn't even have a nightstand, he had the floor and a baseball bat. People began chiming in that he was a typical male with minimal bedside items and a bat. Apparently lots of men sleep with a baseball bat next to the bed in wherever this lady lives. Makes me glad we live in Idaho where we all have guns in our nightstands.

Really though, I looked at her pictures and then looked at the nightstands in my house. We are nothing like this lady and her boyfriend. We also had a few submissions for a gallery of comparisons and they aren't like this lady either. For privacy reasons, I won't label the pictures below with info of who sent them in, but you'll see that not all women are organized and most men have much cleaner stands than you'd have guessed.

His vs Hers Nightstands

How do your nightstands compare to ours? Send us a picture with our mobile app and we can add it to the gallery, incognito if you prefer. Or shoot us a message, is your nightstand clean, organized, covered in toys, or cluttered with random stuff? One thing I learned from your pictures above is that I think I want to at least get matching bedside furniture.

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