The Weekly Wire playlist is still roaring, packed with 50 new songs each week and, here, we're recapping the Best Rock + Metal Songs of the Month for March with a mix of essential songs and choice selections from the Loudwire staff. Maybe you'll even discover a new band that rules!


You know these bands and you probably heard these songs the instant they came out — midnight Spotify lurkers, we see you...

Atreyu, "Warrior"
August Burns Red,"Icarus"
Badflower,"Fuck the World"
Bodom After Midnight,"Paint the Sky With Blood"
Born of Osiris,"White Nile"
Candlebox,"My Weakness"
Cannibal Corpse,"Murderous Rampage"
Danny Worsnop,"Love You More"
Daughtry,"Heavy Is the Crown"
Dirty Honey,"California Dreamin’"
Erra,"Shadow Autonomous"
Escape the Fate,"Unbreakable"
Evanescence,"Better Without You"
Gemini Syndrome,"Die With Me"
Greta Van Fleet,"Broken Bells"
Lamb of God,"Memento Mori" (live)
Mammoth WVH,"Don’t Back Down"
Myles Kennedy,"The Ides of March"
Pop Evil,"Set Me Free"
Rise Against,"Nowhere Generation"
Rob Zombie,"Crow Killer Blues"
Royal Blood,"Limbo"
While She Sleeps,"Nervous"

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Graham Hartmann

BAND: Cryptosis
SONG: “Death Technology”

Bringing thrash into the future is Cryptosis’ business… and business is good. The cybernetic thrashers have released some bangers from their new album Bionic Swarm, and “Death Technology” is sure to transform old heshers and young metalheads alike into new fans. If you’re into old school Voivod or new school Vektor, give Cryptosis a spin.

BAND: Inferno
SONG: “The Wailing Horizon”

Call me a Debemur Morti slut, ‘cause I’ll bang them all day. Any new release from the underground label is bound to be good, especially when it comes to atmospheric black metal. With that in mind, Inferno’s “The Wailing Horizon” comes straight from the abyss, tastefully blending synths and chill drum beats into a bleak, hellish soundscape. Don’t sleep on this one.

Lauryn Schaffner

BAND: The Dead Deads
SONG: “Deal With Me”

I like the Dead Deads, if you couldn’t tell by now. But, they truly brought the funk with their latest single “Deal With Me,” which features a horn section and an addictive, riffy melody. After the way 2020 went, we’ve all learned life is too short to deal with anyone’s bullshit, so there’s nothing more badass than declaring your stance as an individual and telling someone they either have to take you for who you are or leave you. Bravo ladies!

BAND: The Dust Coda
SONG: “Dream Alight”
RELEASED: March 19

The first few strums of the Dust Coda’s “Dream Alight” alone brought me back to the warm, sunny days I spent in the countryside as a kid, which instantly brought a smile to my face. And I swear, as soon as the vocals started, I had to double check that it wasn’t Eddie Vedder wailing away. As a big fan of a more vintage and soulful sound of rock ’n’ roll, this song just hit so right, and has made me eager to explore the rest of the band’s catalog. Their latest album Mojo Skyline just came out on March 26, so give it a spin to see for yourself.

BAND: Them Evils
SONG: “Pour Out Another One”
RELEASED: March 19

Them Evils are no strangers to releasing party rock anthems, but “Pour Out Another One” hones in on the negative sides of boozing. It’s one of the darkest tracks they’ve ever released, which instantly drew me in because I just really like the deeper shit. It’s slow and grungy, and showcases Jordan Griffin’s gritty lower register more than anything they’ve ever put out before, and the storytelling is an advancement for them, too.

Joe DiVita

BAND: Jess and The Ancient Ones
SONG: “Love Zombi”
RELEASED: March 13

As a lover of the psych-occult rock movement of the late ‘60s and ‘70s, spurred on by artists such as Coven and Black Widow (I won’t tell you how much I paid for an original pressing of the latter’s Sacrifice record I scored in Chicago, but it’s the most I’ve spent on a single piece of vinyl), Jess and The Ancient Ones caught my ear right from their start almost a decade ago.

Four years removed from The Horse and Other Weird Tales, their third full length, comes “Love Zombi,” the second single from the forthcoming Vertigo. Draw the curtains, light your black candles, adjust your altar as needed and prepare for astral-projected carnality.

BAND: Sacred Oath
SONG: “Root of All Evil”
RELEASED: March 19

Cult U.S. power metal mavens Sacred Oath drop their eighth album, Return of the Dragon on April 2. The record was preceded by a handful of singles, the best of the bunch being “Root of All Evil.” This group has always been at their best when underscoring their affinity for epic songwriting arcs, as is the case here.

The whimsical but ominous acoustic opening invokes a bit of Iron Maiden’s folktale-like introductions, and the rest of the song grapples between foreboding darkness and expressive, hopeful melody. Bonus points for the little Mercyful Fate nod at the 3:53 mark. Fuck yeah!

BAND: Icon of Sin
SONG: “Night Breed”
RELEASED: March 29

I wrote about Icon of Sin last month and I’m doing it again, this time for the arena-savvy “Night Breed.” I first heard singer Raphael Mendes through his YouTube channel where he sang a bunch of classic metal songs and whatnot in the style of Iron Maiden’s living god, Bruce Dickinson, and did it to perfection.

“Night Breed” is decidedly less NWOBHM-oriented and instead is centered around one monster hook. As someone whose Spotify year-end thingy a couple years ago reflected how damn much I love David Lee Roth’s “Yankee Rose,” a simple stomping beat and a hook you could catch a blue whale with is more than enough to get my blood racing.

Rabab Al-Sharif

BAND: Darko US
SONG: “Mars Attacks”

Darko, the duo consisting of Emmure drummer Josh “Baby J” Miller and Chelsea Grin frontman Tom Barber, have released some wild songs since they started putting out music just last year. It’s the kind of brutal, frenzied sonic landscape that will leave you pondering what the hell just happened to you before you hit the repeat button. Their latest, “Mars Attacks,” is what I would imagine a deathcore song from Rob Zombie would sound like, and I’m still not sure if that’s a dream or a nightmare — but I keep listening.

BAND: Mannequin Pussy
SONG: “Control”
RELEASED: March 23

Maybe what you need is just one real bitch to set you free. Let this song be that one real bitch. If like this song, you continue to say you are in control as things build into a dizzying spiral, then I’d encourage you to keep an eye out for Mannequin Pussy’s EP, Perfect, due out May 21.

BAND: Wristmeetrazor
SONG: “Last Tango In Paris”
RELEASED: March 18

Ok, this band first caught my attention (and my heart) when they printed a shirt with a ½ star review of their music calling them “scene bullshit with two ounces of converge.” Their latest release, “Last Tango In Paris” (featuring Knocked Loose’s Isaac Hale) is earning them more Bullet For My Valentine comparisons, though. If your little metalcore loving heart stopped beating sometime in the 2000s then this band might be able to resuscitate it for you. That’s right, if you long for the days of being a menace at your local mall in impossibly tight skinny jeans and Eighteen Visions/Atreyu/It Dies Today shirts, then you might just need some Wristmeetrazor in your life.

BAND: The Dumes
SONG: “Caught”
RELEASED: March 18

LA-based indie pop band The Dumes will be dropping their new EP called Everything Is Horrible on April 23, and their new song “Caught” will definitely be caught in your memory (I’m so sorry). Perfect for when you’re sick of the bullshit people get away with but still want to vibe.

Chad Childers

BAND: The Bronx
SONG: “White Shadow”
RELEASED: March 24

Sometimes you just need a jolt, and The Bronx are here to give it to you. The first taste of new music from the upcoming Bronx VI album races along feverishly with a passionate vocal from Matt Caughthran and rocking riffs from Joby Ford. Caughthran says of the track, “[It's] a song about spiraling. Wild eyed Guitars, drums and bass mixed with a high speed chase and a frantic mind unraveling.” It’s just The Bronx being The Bronx!

BAND: Cleopatrick
SONG: “The Drake”
RELEASED: March 10

It’s not hard to see why Cleopatrick are one of the buzziest bands on the rise in the rock scene. The Canadian duo of Luke Gruntz and Ian Fraser have a little of that Highly Suspect vibe about them. On the surface, “The Drake” just rocks, but the song actually comes from a real life tale of bullies invading one of their shows and attacking audience members. It comes from a place of regret and feeling powerless but serves as a reminder to stand up for yourself.

BAND: Crobot Featuring Frank Bello
SONG: “Mountain”
RELEASED: March 26

Crobot's “Mountain” feels like it should be the soundtrack to an epic journey. It’s a driving rocker accentuated by singer Brandon Yeagley’s powerful vocal and is bolstered by a guest bass turn from Anthrax’s Frank Bello. Just turn this up, throw on the headphones and let this one take you away.

BAND: Holding Absence
SONG: “In Circles”
RELEASED: March 19

Some music needs air and this one calls out for you to play it on a drive with the windows down. Though Holding Absence have caught our ear with heavier tracks over the last couple of years, here the band weaves a hypnotic, spiraling tale pointing out the dangers of living a life without ambition. Enjoy it on the surface for the beautifully constructed instrumental, then dig deeper on repeated listens to peel back the lyrical call to arms.

BAND: George Ragan the Dead Son
SONG: “Heaven Can Wait”
RELEASED: March 18

Hollywood Undead’s Johnny 3 Tears uses the alter-ego George Ragan the Dead Son for his upcoming solo record and the introductory track to the new record, “Heaven Can Wait,” shows him painting outside the lines with broader strokes. This song is a study in contrasts as the narrative comes from a personal place darker in tone but filled with hope while the music is just plain whistle-along bouncy accentuated by Ragan’s acoustic guitar work. It’s an intriguing opening song that has us anxious to see what else will follow.

Toni Gonzalez

BAND: The Violent
SONG: “Impression”
RELEASED: March 26

The Violent have just finished recording a collection of songs to finish off their debut album so it’s coming, but as we wait there’s a new song to enjoy from the band titled “Impression.” Singer Mike Protich shared that the song “materialized through a modern world that felt like a simulation with no end in sight” adding, “we were forced to not make an impression on others but to reflect on ourselves; our fans simultaneously did the same.” If you’ve been reflecting, questioning, feeling the pressure of it all or just constantly seeking out good new music till that end is in sight, may I recommend you check this one out.

BAND: Mammoth WVH
SONG: “Think It Over”
RELEASED: March 26

Honestly, after having Wolfgang Van Halen on Loudwire Nights I’m going to root for him at any given opportunity. It’s not just that he recently experienced an indescribable loss or that he’s kind and humbled. It’s not JUST that he’s beyond talented and played every instrument on the upcoming Mammoth WVH album. It’s all of that and the fact that he’s making the music that maybe everyone isn’t expecting from him but that satisfied him creatively. Plus, I really like the song!

Philip Trapp

BAND: Citizen
SONG: “Black and Red”

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since Midwestern emo rockers Citizen last released an album, 2017’s As You Please. But in that wait was created “Black and Red,” on which the band’s stable of bittersweet guitar-and-drums symphonies evolve into a driving, synth-soaked barnburner that could pass for a basement version of The Killers. A single from the group’s new album Life in Your Glass World, the track also pegs Citizen as one of today’s underground acts channeling the rock icons to whom Brandon Flowers and company are so indebted, such as Springsteen and U2. Citizen singer Mat Kerekes is no Bono, but his everyman caw might be just as convincing.

BAND: Garbage
SONG: “The Men Who Rule the World”
RELEASED: March 30

Garbage are back with a fresh blast of their signature electro-fueled alt-rock. But the band’s not resting on any laurels, even though this is the same crew that counts Nirvana producer Butch Vig as a member. No, for 2021, Garbage aim for the sky with a vehement exposition of modern times on “The Men Who Rule the World,” the buzzsaw first single from No Gods No Masters, the rockers’ upcoming LP. And if the song doesn’t sound exactly like “Stupid Girl” or “Only Happy When It Rains” — two of Garbage’s ubiquitous ‘90s hits — it could still have one bobbing their head, albeit to more of a conservationist’s plight: “Let’s save all the squid,” vocalist Shirley Manson sings at one point in the tune. Does that seem silly? Maybe, but it doesn’t sound like a joke.

BAND: Insomnium
SONG: “The Conjurer”
RELEASED: March 19

When Finnish melodic death metal experts Insomnium last emerged with a studio album, the bone-churning result was 2019’s Heart Like a Grave. This month, the Niilo Sevanen-led shredders return with “The Conjurer,” a nearly eight-minute-long epic that pushes Insomnium’s melodeath mastery to stratospheric new heights. Craving some dynamic, technically adept death metal that rounds all the right twists and turns emotionally? Take a trip to the brutal beyond with Insomnium’s latest jam and the number’s equally impressive music video. Here’s hoping a new full-length album from the outfit gets conjured up soon.

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