I hope you have been doing your box jumps and burpees because Black Friday is NEXT WEEK!

I've sworn for years that is an Olympic event. You have to prep by: mapping out your route, focusing on the deal at hand, getting everywhere you need to be on time and gathering your team. Come on people!! Do you want to save $50 or what?

Start making your list today by checking out the Black Friday Deals in Twin Falls:

Target - opens Thanksgiving night

Walmart - open at 6pm on Thanksgiving night

Sears - open at 6pm on Thanksgiving

JCPenney - open at 3pm on Thanksgiving

Macys - open at 6pm on Thanksgiving

Kmart - opens on 7pm on Thanksgiving

Costco - opens on 9am on Black Friday

Best Buy - opens at 5pm on Thursday

Dicks Sporting Goods - opens at 6pm-2am on Thursday and at 5am on Friday



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