The Boise Airport says more than 4.1 million passengers came through during 2019.

“We expect traffic in 2020 to grow as well," Rebecca Hupp, the Boise Airport Director said.

Last year the airport added more flights to places like Los Angeles and Seattle. In 2020, travelers can expect to see even more additions.

In December 2019, we reported that the airport would be adding a nonstop flight to Atlanta starting July 6, 2020. However, it doesn't stop there.

“As the entire Treasure Valley continues to grow, so does the demand for air service," Hupp said.

Other airlines planning to add new or more flights to the Boise Airport are Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

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Southwest Airlines says they'll be adding one additional flight Monday - Friday to Denver, San Jose, and Sacramento. The company will also be adding another flight to Phoenix on Saturday and Sunday.

Alaska Airlines says they'll start two flights daily to Los Angeles and will also be adding another flight daily to San Diego starting in March.

“We expect traffic in 2020 to grow as well, with new service to Atlanta and increased service to other destinations, which is why we’ve been working so hard to ensure the Boise Airport is prepared for that growth," Hupp said.

In 2019, the airport increased its TSA lines from five to six lanes, to help with peak travel hours.

This year, the airport plans to pave a gravel portion of its gravel lot, which should add about 250 spaces. They also plan on constructing a 700 stall, five-level employee parking garage.

It's safe to say we might be seeing even more flights coming to Boise, as the airport has plans to add a 1,300 stall public parking garage in 2021.

Other projects set to be completed by the end of 2023 include an additional concourse and a new rental car garage and lobby.

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