OK, Boise, we get it. You're a great place to live. Blah, blah, blah. Do we have to see you standing near the top of another major website's rankings of best places to live? Apparently, yes we do.

This time, the praise is coming from a mammoth media outlet, US News and World Report. They have ranked Boise at #4 in their Best Place To Live list for quality of life.

The breakdown for how Boise made this list is a little complicated. They landed at #1 for lack of crime and also scored high in college-readiness and health. A very moderate commute time for a metro area didn't hurt either.

The weird aspect of this list to me is that Boise was ranked #6 overall as a Best Place To Live. I'm not sure why the quality of life ranking is different, but then again this is why people don't normally ask me hard questions.

For me, I would have given Boise and extra 50 points for the blue football field.

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