With less than two weeks until the arrival of Memorial Day in the United States, if you are planning an overnight visit to any of Idaho's campgrounds you'll want to book now, as it's estimated tens-of-millions of Americans will likely be taking to the road.

For the first time in a few years, I have no plans to travel over the weekend leading into Memorial Day on Monday, May 31. My vacation time is already maxed, with out-of-state trips planned in July and August. I will be getting the kayaks in the water that weekend, but most likely just for an area day trip or two.

It is estimated that close to 40 million people in the U.S. will be gassing up and reserving spots at national campgrounds between May 28 and May 31, according to information shared by travelandleisure.com. The Wood River Valley is a popular destination for many Idahoans over the Memorial Day holiday, and the region has many great campgrounds to choose from.

One campground we are looking at staying at this year for the first time is Wood River Campground. We pass by it every year to, and back from, Stanley. It has close to 30 units, an outdoor amphitheater, bike paths and nearby fishing, kayaking and tubing. It's within close proximity to many nice Hailey-area spots such as Amber Lakes and the Hemingway-Boulder Wilderness Area.

Where ever you plan on heading over the upcoming holiday, now is the time to book. It's probably not a bad idea to carry some extra gasoline with you as well. Those pumps are going to be very busy.

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