Every once in awhile we stumble upon a story that make us go “Whaaaaaaaat?”  This is one of those stories.  We’ll do it again, since you missed it…”Whaaaaaaaaat?” 

12-year-old Philip Muan of Rumah Endawie Nangka Jela Engkari, Malaysia had one of the worst fishing trips in the history of father and son bonding.  Before we dive further into this story we need to tell you about the legendary candirú — this fish has an organ that allows it to breathe atmospheric oxygen for up to seven hours. It can also flop around on dry land like nobody’s business, making this fish the creepiest thing in the history of creepy things we’ve heard.

Phillip caught a candirú, and “removed the hook and tried to bite the head of the [four-centimeter-long] fish to kill it but it slipped into his mouth and lodged itself in his throat.” Don’t they have knives in Malaysia?  We’re pretty sure Malaysia at least has some rocks lying around.  Why would you bite the head off of a fish in order to kill it?

The fish-swallowing accident happened at 9 AM, and he didn’t make it to the hospital until 11 PM. By the time he got to the hospital poor little Philip was spitting blood and the fish had died. He was probably too busy doing other things to go right to the doctor — like knitting or catching the new Wes Anderson flick.

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