I suspect Governor Brad little will greet Joe Biden Monday.  It’s the usual courtesy offered by a Governor to a visiting President.  I also believe Biden will land at Gowen Field versus the general Boise Airport.  It’s more secure.  The President is visiting the interagency wildfire command center (as a coworker has explained).  Then he’ll likely make some comments about climate change and the need to spend several more trillion dollars to battle the “man-made” crisis.

Little told a luncheon a couple of years ago he believes in climate change.  I defended him at the time because climate is always changing and I didn’t believe he had joined the ranks of radical environmentalists.  His approval of culling the state’s wolf pack leads me to believe nothing has changed.

Where I do think the Governor and President see eye-to-eye is the issue of vaccine mandates.  The Governor’s hands off approach when it comes to businesses already mandating the shots as a condition of employment puts him in good company with Mr. Biden.

Some Republican Governors are taking a different approach.  Click here and see how Pete Ricketts of Nebraska responded to Biden’s demands for mandates for larger businesses.  “NO!” isn’t hard to articulate.

In Idaho, Ammon Bundy is weighing in.  Check this link.  Bundy is a candidate for Governor on the Republican line.  He’s not simply echoing Ricketts, Bundy suggests an alliance with fellow red state Governors.  Candidates Janice McGeachin and Ed Humphreys also oppose mandates.  They round out Little's main challengers.

Oh, and neighboring Montana has already barred businesses from forced vaccines for workers.

The talk show host and columnist Erick Erickson is a lawyer.  He writes Biden’s effort in unconstitutional.  While the high court has upheld previous vaccine mandates, the justices never signed off on nationwide mandates.  By the time this works through the courts, the pandemic will be history.

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