An Oregon mother of two is reportedly pursuing legal action against her children's dental office after she claims treatment was halted because she was breastfeeding in the same room another child of hers was having work done in.

According to details provided by, a 31-year-old Oregon mother named Kalee Kellough is suing her children's dental practice, Willamette Dental Group, over alleged sexual discrimination. Kellough claims that while breastfeeding her one-year-old son in the same room her five-year-old daughter was having her teeth worked on, she was told by office staff that treatment would not proceed if the feeding continued. Kellough's daughter was in the process of being prepped for a tooth extraction when she was informed.

Willamette Dental Group has dozens of offices in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho. Willamette Dental currently has a practice in Twin Falls, at 452 Cheney Drive. The business was founded in 1970, with a single location in Portland, Oregon.

In May of 2007, a law was passed (ORS 653.077) that requires that mothers breastfeeding an infant child 18 months of age or younger, be allowed to have a rest period of up to 30 minutes every four hours on the clock. As far as breastfeeding in public, Oregon law ORS 109.001 protects women from being discriminated against in a public place. The main issue in this case should be whether or not the dental practice falls within this criteria.

Willamette Dental Group has not issued a public response concerning the lawsuit as of yet. No information has been made available either regarding a scheduled court proceeding.


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