Discussions are taking place right now between government heads in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Washington State regarding bringing back an old railroad route that would connect major cities in all four states and provide southern Idahoans the opportunity to leave their cars at home and better explore the Pacific Northwest.

I've always thought the idea of traveling through Utah, Oregon, and Washington State via the railroad would be an epic adventure. I could just buy tickets for my family, leave the truck in the garage, and let the railroad staff take care of us as we zip through the beautiful landscape the Pacific Northwest has to offer. You'd find me in the bar car for an aperitif most nights.

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State officials are weighing the pros and cons of reviving the Pioneer Route that would provide connecting runs to cities such as Pocatello, Mountain Home, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland, Seattle, and other destinations for people to travel to and from. Boise Mayor Lauren McLean mentioned the talks back on September 16 on her Twitter page and stressed how exciting the railroad revival would be for all in Idaho.

I think a great deal of Americans have a love affair with the railroad, and such an opportunity would provide unforgettable memories for families and a heavy dose of nostalgia for train buffs. Amtrak would provide the travel along the route at a hefty annual cost for all cities involved, which could total more than $40 million per year, according to some projections.

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