You don't have to travel far if you want to visit one of the top 5 apple orchards in Idaho. Buhl just got called out for having one of the best in the state.

Only In Your State likes to make lists. That's awesome especially when they don't overlook the Magic Valley. This time they didn't naming Northview Orchard in Buhl one of Idaho's premier apple places. Should we tell the Only In Your State people they have peaches, too?

I will admit I haven't gone on an orchard visit in awhile, so my fruit knowledge isn't what it should be. But, Northview appears to have won points for price and the pick-your-own option.

Maybe this doesn't make me a good person, but I have to admit being overly-happy about the fact that Boise did not make this list. Considering all the "best of" lists those goobers end up on, nice to not see them here for once. Just being truthful. Kuna, Emmett, Blackfoot and Weiser orchards also got mentions.

Check out the full Only In Your State list if you need your apple (and peaches) fix.

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