I have to remind myself this is not funny. Wild rabbits are taking over Las Vegas. Seriously.

If the phrase "Feral Rabbits Invade Vegas" sounds like a good premise for a SyFy movie, then you have a mind that is nearly as twisted as mine. Sorry about that.

I saw a mention of the growing (literally) rabbit problem in Vegas at Only In Your State. One guy in the comments on that page recommended putting 30 Siberian Huskies in the problem areas to take care of the bunnies. Dude, we need to go bowling with you cause you obviously know how to party.

This has even gone so far as to inspire a "Bunny Lives Matter" movement. Thank you, Las Vegas, for being you.

I'm really trying to take this seriously due to the fact that I know there are innocent bunnies dying in the streets of Vegas as we speak, but much of your population is now spending their free time neutering rabbits and I just can't help myself.

Where is Zach Galifianakis when you need him?

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