One of the country's most popular restaurant chains with locations in California, Nevada, and Idaho that specializes in sports, entertainment, and gaming is reportedly preparing to expand even further. I believe Twin Falls would be an ideal landing spot for such a business, and the jobs that would be created would be a fantastic opportunity for Magic Valley residents looking for work.

Combining sports and gaming to create a one-stop, entertainment restaurant for families to spend a few hours eating, watching the game, and exchanging arcade points for prizes worked out pretty well for a pair of Dallas brothers back in 1982. The idea was brilliant and very quickly expanded to numerous locations throughout the United States.

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Dave & Busters expanded into the Gem State more than a decade ago. The company targeted Boise as its lone location for expansion, which, due to the fact the city has a university and has been seeing a steady increase of out-of-staters buying property there since the early 2000s, company representatives couldn't have chosen better Gem State real estate to build on.

Data released a few months ago by CoStar shows the company is still thriving in the states and could be looking to expand even further in the western U.S. A Las Vegas location opened in 2016, and California is home to numerous locations. Twin Falls, Idaho, would be a great city to see the company focus attention on in the next two to three years.

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