This is why we need a Wienerschnitzel in Twin Falls right now! Wednesday, July 17th, 2019, is National Hot Dog Day and IF we had a Wienerschnitzel we could get five of the chili cheese dogs for $5. Instead, we don't really get anything special. I searched the restaurant Facebook pages for Twin Falls and didn't find any that were offering special hot dog deals except at two locations. Sonic and at the Flying J.

Sonic is doing $1 hot dogs all day with a special text code or on their app with the code DOGS.

Flying J is also doing a special that you can only access through their app. You can get a free hot dog or other grill item.

Whether you plan to celebrate at a restaurant or cooking up some dogs at home, we want to know what you like to put on your hot dog. According to peeps over at, more people put mustard on their dogs than ketchup.

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