Puppies! There are only a few things in this world that will make almost everyone smile every time: puppies, babies, and food. Today we celebrate the puppies. National Puppy Day is March 23 according to the National Today website. It's not like we 'need' a day to celebrate puppies but we do need to think about where those adorable puppies are coming from. National Puppy Day was established back in 2006 as a day to raise awareness about puppy mills and to encourage adoptions from local animal shelters instead.

The National Today website is also doing a small, easy to enter, contest to win a puppy prize gift basket. Sadly there won't be a puppy in the gift basket, it will instead be filled with treats and toys for your fluffy pooch.

If you don't currently have a home graced with the presence of an adorable dog, whether by choice or other conditions, you can still check out and help out the adoptable dogs at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. If you can't adopt, you can still do good things by helping at the shelter or making donations. Currently the Faux Furrball fundraiser is happening and you can donate money to help sick animals throughout the year.

March Adoptable Dogs and Cats

I have three dogs in my house and I don't think any of them are technically puppies anymore but still call two them that. Our old dog Cody is pushing 14 years old and our other two dogs are less than two years old. They are energetic, crazy, and adorable so we still call them puppies.

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