14 Animals Dropping Winks
These animals know what's up. They know your secret. They know you're in on the joke. They know how to close their eyes one at a time. They know how to be adorable. They know how to wink.
Here’s A Corgi And A Kitten Snuggling
We could offer an explanation of this. But we really don't have one, and do you really need one? It's just an adorable Corgi puppy and an equally adorable kitten snuggling, and arguing in their sleep over who gets the most pillow. Oh, and chewing on each other's feet...
Cat Opens Door For Puppies
Cat and dog lovers alike will be grinning after this one, in which Buster busts out some MacGyver moves on a sliding door to help his puppy friends get back into the house.
Pets Take on Stairs in Adorable Videos
Aside from being ridiculously adorable, our pets offer up some pretty funny entertainment. For starters, they casually hang out for photo shoots and sneeze to the beat of Dubstep. Basically, if there's a cute behavior to be documented, you can be sure we're on it!
Lost Boy Survives By Cuddling With Puppies
Last Wednesday, a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome was found alive in the woods after he went missing from his home the previous day. But here's the part that the internet will love -- he survived by huddling with a pack of puppies for warmth. Sadly, no cats or corgis were involved as far as …
Valhala — SuicideGirl of the Day
Meet Valhala, an American SuicideGirl who wears her love of bats on her chest and when she isn't fawning over the flying mammals, she indulges her softer side, which enjoys kittens, puppies, unicorns and rainbows.
A Gift From Saddam To Donald Rumsfeld Was Released
When I think of gifts from the orient, I'm thinking gold or maybe virgins, but a creepy video? However, that’s exactly what he gave him. So Saddam gave Donald Rumsfeld this video back in 1983 and he was trying to convince Rumsfeld that the Syrian’s were barbari…