I spend a good amount of time down in the Snake River Canyon. Golfing at Canyon Springs, and kayaking out of Centennial Park, are a couple of my favorite Twin Falls activities. One thing I haven't done yet, is "Zip the Snake."

I have a massive fear of heights, but for some reason, I'm very tempted to give zip lining a shot. I see others enjoying themselves doing it, and think I might give it "the ol' college try soon." Who am I kidding?

As evident in this video posted on Rosie's Family Travel And Adventure channel, zipping the Snake allows for breathtaking views of the river, the Perrine Bridge and surrounding waterfalls. A word to the wise for all the other uncool, stagnant, parents out there like me, if you do take your rug rats down to the canyon to experience this with you, it might be better to play it off like you've done it before after your turn ends.

Happy zipping!

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