Chronic wasting disease is finally in Idaho.  CWD has plagued Utah, Wyoming, and Montana, and it has been expected here for quite some time.  Idaho Fish and Game made the announcement this week.  The disease was found in the panhandle and quite a distance from the Montana state line.  The two deer tested positive and were only 100 or so yards apart.

This Could Get a Lot Worse

It’s a sign there could be more.  Fish and Game spokesman Terry Thompson says deer don’t respect lines human beings draw on maps.  Thompson paid a visit to Magic Valley This Morning.  On Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KILX.

A question came up about the safety of eating meat from an infected animal.  The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta recommends you not eat venison from a diseased animal.  However, Fish and Game explain there’s no evidence it can harm people consuming an infected animal.

What You Need to Know

If you'd like to test a deer you’ve bagged, Thompson offered some tips on how you can assist his agency.

Deer aren’t the only animals impacted.  Elk and moose can also suffer from the same affliction.  It’s caused by a type of protein that is similar to what we see in what’s called mad cow disease.

Idaho is also battling invasive mussels.  They have not yet been found in state waterways but have been found on a record number of boats attempting to enter Idaho.  The mussels can clog intakes and would greatly harm the farming and ranching industries.

You can hear our conversation on Idaho Fish and Game below.

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