The City of Filer is reminding its residents of when it is important to get a permit and when it is not needed to get a permit when hosting a yard sale. According to the ordinance that has been recently updated, there are times you do and do not need a permit for a yard sale.


According to the city, the ordinance went into effect last year because they were having issues with residents hosting yard sales for weeks at a time or every single weekend. The new permit that they must acquire to do that is for those instances only. If you plan on hosting a yard sale, one time, or for a few days, a permit is not required.

The ordinance that was passed last year did hold a public hearing to adopt the ordinance. Also, the city has every ordinance displayed on its website. The ordinance is pretty clear about when a permit is needed and when it is not.

Wide view of suburban yard sale
David Sacks

A permit and application to receive the permit are $10.

A permit is needed if a yard sale has been conducted by any person more than twelve days within a calendar year.

Yard Sale

A permit is required at a yard sale that has been conducted by any person for more than 6 days within the previous 30 days.

A permit is required for any person holding a yard sale for longer than three consecutive days

Or, between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.

Mature couple putting up sign for Yard Sale
David Sacks

There will also be a penalty for those who violate any of these requirements without a permit or for not removing signage from around town. At the conclusion of each sale, all evidence must be removed from public view, that includes advertisements and goods that were trying to be sold. The fine for not complying is $100.

If you ever want to have your voice heard by the City Council. they host meetings on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 6 pm.

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