Coach Pete Coulson was shocked when he watched a video promoting Black Lives Matter.  It’s from a children’s TV network.  Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin sent it his way.  She wanted his opinion.  As many of you know, Pete is from mixed race ancestry.  He spent his early years in an orphanage in Austria.  Then as a boy he was adopted and eventually settled on a family dairy farm in Canyon County.  His adoptive parents were Christians.  His dad was a preacher.

He worries the country is becoming more divided and drifting from its moral compass.

Pete eventually worked his way through college.  Over the years he has coached, refereed and counseled hundreds (if not thousands) of young people.

McGeachin told him the video has been presented in some Ada County schools.  The same schools where administrators deny the proliferation of Critical Race Theory.

Pete has annoyed some liberals because he insists “all lives matter”.  He worries the country is becoming more divided and drifting from its moral compass.

The coach made an appearance on Magic Valley This Morning on Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  He was also asked his thoughts on LeBron James and the tweet that found James in some hot water.  James possibly is the most influential athlete of his generation.  He called out an Ohio police officer after the shooting death of a teenager.  She had been attacking two people with a knife.  Pete believes the basketball star must become a better role model.

Coach Coulson explains when he works as a referee he often cautions parents when they step over the line of decorum.  All adults are role models.  No matter their color, class or neighborhood.

You can listen to our conversation below.

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