A comedian in Britain tried to exchange boos for moos when he performed for a field of cows as part of research to see if the animals have a sense of humor.

We don’t know if Milton Jones tried to make the cows laugh so hard milk came out their noses, but we do know cow expert Bruce Woodacre attended the show to gauge the reactions of the creatures.

Jones tried to win over the audience with such zingers as, “So you cows say you're vegetarians. But how come you all wear leather, eh?"

He then launched into his A -- or, in this case, grade A -- material when he said, “Went to one of those farmers markets the other day -- bought a couple of farmers. Should taste lovely!"

Jones, who wrote a whole set just for the cows, talked about the experience by saying, “They were a tough crowd to begin with, although I've played to tougher, and whilst I tried not to milk it too much when I was up there, in the end I can say hand on heart they were udderly brilliant.”

Woodacre, who’s studied cows for over four decades, also says he came away with more than just a few chuckles. He said, “They had their mouths open and their ears laid back, indicating they were relaxed and content. Not everyone was entertained though -- I definitely heard some low heckling moos and there were even a few walk-outs.”

Hmm -- if someone is going to do standup for cows, wouldn’t Fozzie Bear be the obvious choice, since he’s an animal who could probably relate just a little better to the audience?

The event was created by -- you guessed it -- the makers of Laughing Cow cheese.

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