An Idaho photo contest is currently taking place that will award four winners a slice of $1050 in Amazon gift cards. The first place picture will be worth $500.

Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to see some pretty amazing sites that the Gem State has to offer. This past summer alone, I checked out Bruneau Dunes State Park for the first time, camped near Stanley Lake, rode bikes and kayaked at Lake Walcott and returned to Yellowstone National Park for the first time in years. I logged hundreds of pictures that I cherish.

In southern Idaho alone, there are so many amazing spots to capture on film. Whether you travel to the City of Rocks area, or spend an afternoon on the Snake River, you should always have a camera on you.

There is a photography contest currently taking place that will be awarding Amazon gift cards to four individuals. The contest is called, "Reasons 2 Love Idaho," and the top prize is a $500 card. The contest runs for 90 days, and pictures submitted must be original images taken by those who submit them. The age requirement is 18 or older.

The second place winning image will earn its taker a $250 Amazon gift card. Third place will earn a $100 card, and finally, a "People's Choice" image will be judged by all those participating, and will award $200 to Amazon. To submit your photograph, click here.

Good luck Idaho! We hope your image lands in the top four. Prizes are awarded during separate months of the year.

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