Area fire officials are saying that a house fire in southwest Idaho Wednesday night that sent four occupants fleeing the dwelling was likely started by a cat.

Boise firefighters responded to the structure fire on the evening of August 28 in the area of East 44th Street. There were four occupants and a cat in the home at the time the fire started, according to details shared by

Upon investigation, firefighters determined that the power cord to an air conditioning unit in the home appeared to be chewed through. Once operated, the damaged unit ignited its surrounding space and caused the fire to break out.

No injuries were reported as a result of the fire. According to data provided by the National Fire Protection Association, roughly 1,000 fires are started annually by pets in the United States. Further findings reveal that stove tops have the highest reports of fire incidents in households caused by pets. Pets damaging heating units reportedly start 30 percent of household fires.

Using flameless candles, not placing power cords in the reach of pets, avoiding running cords under carpet and behind book shelves, are all tips fire officials say can reduce the chance of house fires caused by pets.

The family involved in Wednesday night's fire is currently receiving help from the Boise Fire Burnout Fund, which was created in 1964 to help families in similar situations. Close to 60 Boise-area families were assisted through the fund in 2017.




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