Perdita may be more of a cat than any other cat in history. Sure, cats are cute and playful but they all seem to have a bit of evil in them. They'll let you give a belly rub until they are done, then they scratch your face. They'll knock items off of tables and really don't miss you when you aren't around; unless they run out of food. Perdita seems to be all that makes a cat evil turned up to 11. She is so ill-tempered that the workers at the Mitchell County Animal Rescue thought she was sick. After the vet took a look at her, his medical diagnosis was 'this cat is just a jerk.'

The Facebook post is one of the most creative I've seen in a while. It lists off the things she likes and hates, all of which would be in the wrong categories for any other living creature. She hates children and Disney movies but loves staring into your soul and lurking in dark corners. The grinchy kitty arrived, ironically, on Christmas eve at the animal shelter in North Carolina and has been a burden ever since. Not surprisingly, her adoption is free. Despite her terrible personality the recent national attention has garnered her more than 100 applications fro adoption. She'll also be featured on Access Hollywood this weekend.

We have a few cats at my house and our current male is named Timmy and he is a terror too. He waits outside on top of the doghouse so he can claw at your arms or face when you walk by. We've had our share of kittens at the house and most of them have grown up to be at least tolerable in their temperaments. We hope Perdita gets a good home and bless the souls of the family who adopt her.

If you are looking to adopt a cat or a dog in the Magic Valley, check out the many adoptable critters at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter.

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