From what I know about cats, and that is pretty much only what I've seen in YouTube videos, they don't like water. They'll drink water and they'll knock glasses of it off counter tops but they don't really play with it. They seems to actually hate it as if they were the Wicked Witch of the West and it will melt them if they touch it. Or maybe they are more like gremlins and if you get them wet they reproduce? That would explain why there are so many crazy cats in my neighborhood. Truth is, they aren't witches or magically reproducing monsters: cats are just weird.

I do have one cat at home and he's only entertained by laser lights and destroying things. I just saw a video of a cat down in Utah who somehow does cat things, like making messes and generally being a jerk, but also plays with water. In true cat fashion he doesn't play in the water mess but he does seem really interested and entertained by it. Lucky for the owners there is a drain nearby.

If you love cats then right now you need to get to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. They just posted on Facebook a video of some of the kittens that are ready for adoption.

They are also in need of cat food for the community pet pantry. These cat food donations can be new bags of food or opened bags that your cat didn't like or couldn't finish.

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