GLENNS FERRY, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho wildlife managers have moved to lethal means to remove deer that have been causing thousands of dollars in damage to a Glenns Ferry vineyard in the last several years. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, conservation officers have been working with the vineyard on depredation efforts in hopes of reducing damage to their grape crop by mule deer living within city limits.

Idaho Fish and Game said in 2020 it had tried several non-lethal options to get the deer to leave the vineyard such as several nighttime attempts at hazing the animals. However, that tactic was unsuccessful and still resulted in damage to the grape crop. Then the department tried to trap and relocate the deer this summer with nets which wasn't successful either.

The department then worked with the city of Glenns Ferry to lethally reduce the size of the deer herd within city limits. The local government issued a permit allowing the discharge of a firearm within the city limits. Since mid-August, Idaho Fish and Game said it has removed four deer from the vineyard grounds. The meat from the animals was professionally processed and given to Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry to then be given to local pantries and families in need.

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