A national agency that investigates and archives reports of unexplained aerial sights just published details regarding an incident where two south Idahoans claim to have seen numerous crafts of an unknown origin in the sky approximately 50 miles northwest of Twin Falls.

Southern Idaho now has its first official report of an unidentified aerial phenomenon to the National UFO Reporting Center for the month of September. The NUFORC was contacted Friday (September 9) by an individual who was with a friend a few nights prior and saw multiple unexplained objects flying within close proximity to each other in the sky over Glenns Ferry, which is less than an hour's drive from Twin Falls.

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The report was investigated by a member of the NUFORC, and details of the event were published Friday on the agency's website. According to the report, the objects left "trails," and there was a "haze" around the unexplained aircraft. The witness stated in the report that it wasn't a Starlink satellite in his/her opinion.

The event lasted as long as eight minutes, according to details, and took place at approximately 10 P.M. on the evening of September 6. Interstate 84 runs through Glenns Ferry, so there's a chance the unexplained objects were seen by passing motorists. If you believe you witnessed this event, you can file a report with the NUFORC by clicking here.

The center does acknowledge they receive numerous reports of objects that are verified to be Starlink satellites and ask those who file reports to attempt to make certain this is not what was witnessed.

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