Twin-Falls-City-Hall-300x202As Twin Falls grows some of our public parks are becoming over populated. The Twin Falls Skate Park is one of those things.

Skateboarding has been a popular sport in the Magic Valley for years. 14 years ago there was an obvious need for a skateboard park in Twin Falls. Since the park was built it has been used  on a daily basis and, according to KMVT, is facing overcrowding issues.

Most of us understand that if you are going to participate in a sport like this, you will probably be injured at some point. However, you are less likely to be injured if the skate park you are skating at isn't overcrowded.

Some people are suggesting that one of the reasons the skate park is over populated is because BMXers are also using the skate park.

As it stands now, there is a sign posted in the park that says, ‘Due to the damages they can cause, bicycles are not allowed.’

The skateboarding community is also upset because 14 years ago they raised $90,000.00 for part of the skate parks construction. The BMX community wasn't part of this.

Twin Falls does have a BMX track that is located on Blake Street near Rock Creek Canyon and the city encourages all riders to use this park.

According to KMVT, the city has began to forecast funds for that expansion, but it could still be years. The city says the skate park is one of five project slated over the next five years.

In the mean time...skateboards have to deal with the overcrowding issue. Do you think BMX bikes shouldn't be allowed on the premises?




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