I do, it was this past Saturday at the Sportsman's Shoot at the Jerome Rod And Gun Club!  Not gonna lie, I have a bruise from shooting it, but I'm hooked!

You see, I currently own a pink bb gun and it's super fun to shoot, but after Saturday, this girl is ready for the big guns...literally.  However, when it comes to guns, I'm a newb.  I know nothing and it shows in this video:

What I really loved about the Sportsman's Shoot is not only the various kinds of firearms, but the dealers out there were very knowledgeable and really nice.  Plus, they didn't treat me like a stupid girl.  I appreciated that.

So while I was there I shot a nice rifle and a shotgun for the first time.  I can't wait till next year.  Next year, I'll actually try a hand gun.  What was your favorite fire arm at the Sportsman's Shoot?

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