This is just a proposed bill, so it isn't happening yet. This is in the early early stages and I can't see it passing but crazier things have happened. H.R. 127 is a gun proposal that includes a registry and information available to the public.

The Congressional Bill H.R. 127 according to the text inside would require a licensing to possess a firearm and a registration of firearms that would be available for viewing to the general public. According to the bill, each person would be required to get a license to own a gun, it would entail a background check, a psychological evaluation and 24 hours of training. The fee for the license would be $800.

In order to pass a psychological evaluation:

"As part of the psychological evaluation, the licensed psychologist interview any spouse of the individual, any former spouse of the individual, and at least 2 other persons who are a member of the family of, or an associate of, the individual to determine the state of the mental, emotional and relational stability of the individual in relations to firearms."

Also under the firearm registration system, the owner of the firearm would have to tell the government the make, model and serial number of every single one of their guns, the identity of the person it is registered to and where the gun is going to be stored.

If this is passed, people will have 3 months to comply with the registration. The database with all this information will be available to the general public as well.

That is just a few layers of this bill. There is a lot more to delve into. For a further summary click here.

I don't think this is going to fly well in Idaho.

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