Another state is considering legislation that will allow police to use a device to determine whether or not a person has been texting while driving. Do you think this technology should come to Idaho?

According to, there is new technology being developed that would enable an officer to conduct roadside testing of a cell phone to help determine the cause of distracted driving.

Legislation is being proposed in New York that would basically force drivers who are involved in an accident to surrender their phones.

In a bid to get around the Fourth Amendment right to privacy, the textalyzer allegedly would keep conversations, contacts, numbers, photos, and application data private. It will solely say whether the phone was in use prior to a motor-vehicle mishap. -

Proponents of the tech believe this would be a tool that an officer could use to prove whether or not a person’s phone was the source of the distraction, so they can hold them accountable without invading privacy.

I think we can all agree that distracted driving is an issue that needs to be addressed. Do you think additional technology, like a “textalyzer” needs to be deployed or does distracted driving in the broad sense cover all the bases?

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