Interrupting someone mid-sentence is something we've both been guilty of and found ourselves at the receiving end of. It can ruin work and personal relationships if it happens too frequently.

The term for someone that just can't seem to let another human being get a complete sentence out of their mouth without interjecting is hyperverbal. If you often hear the words, "Can I finish," then you might be a hyperverbal type.

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I've been working on being a better listener. While I don't believe I am a hyperverbal person, I have been called out on interrupting a time or two. It usually goes both ways in relationships in particular. I once had a boss that was hyperverbal, and it was damn near impossible to get a thought out at times.

I read a recent story by the website Buzzfeed that dealt with annoyances people have against partners and spouses. Excessive talking, and not talking enough, were both pinpointed by people that took part in the survey.

The survey got me thinking about my own marriage. I admit, I probably interrupt my wife more than she does me. However, when it comes to conversations between people in the office I work in, I try to never interrupt or interject. It's typically in a one-on-one conversation that it happens, but I have identified the issue and am working on hearing people out more.

Do you live or work with a chronic interrupter or hyperverbal person in Twin Falls?

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