My wife just recently resigned from her job at a Twin Falls urgent care clinic, and is now working full-time from home. So mask wearing in public began for us back in early April, when the Coronavirus really started to rear its ugly head statewide. Masks at work however, is something most of us have succumb to in the past couple of weeks.

In our building, masks are mandatory if you need to get from point A to B. If you are seated at your desk, you may remove it. Wearing masks doesn't really bother me, as I've grown accustomed to it seeing the nature of work my wife was doing prior to quitting in late-May.

The majority of people I work with don't care for them on the job. I've heard everything from they cause feelings of claustrophobia, to cases of sweaty lips, they interfere with communication, and they are leaving people with permanent, downward pointing ears. (To the last I say, you might be wearing them wrong)

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Greg Jannetta

It's also really hard to remember to grab them when leaving your work station. I've found myself stopping in the hallway, and quickly sprinting back to my desk to snag it. They do come in handy for masking the bowel movements of some coworkers though.

So, that leaves me to my question and purpose for this post. How are my fellow Magic Valley workers handling wearing them? Are they driving you nuts? Are you fine with it?

Feel free to comment on this matter, as I will be mentioning a few of your opinions on the air in the coming days.

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