Twin Falls has recently been mentioned by a national data sharing website as being one of the top five cities in Idaho for romantic connections.

Roadsnacks is a website based out of Durham, NC, that is known for ranking various U.S. cities' status in an ostensible and stylized manner. In a post dated February 6, 2018, they ranked Idaho cities on promiscuity.

Idaho placed forth out of 10 cities, according to the feature. The site states that female to male ratio, population, the presence of bars and colleges and marital status all factor in to their conclusions. Twin Falls received a 54.6 sexual readiness score, according to the website's findings.

Coeur d'Alene, Lewiston and Moscow rounded out the top four. Lewiston grabbed the top spot based on its close proximity to the Washington border, and the fact the city is home to multiple colleges, including the University of Idaho.

Well, at least we scored better than Blackfoot. Feel free to comment on your thoughts of Twin Falls as a leading Idaho hot spot to "score" in.



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