Animal control officials in southwest Idaho are trying to find out who left a young, female dog, in a fully-zipped backpack on the side of the road in Canyon County.

The Chihuahua, which animal control believes to be approximately three years old, was found Wednesday morning (January 23) on a rural road near the city of Caldwell, according a report by KTVB. A motorist pulled over and discovered the animal alive inside the backpack that had been completely closed by whoever left it there.

The dog was wet, dirty, cold, and emaciated, according to the West Valley Humane Society. The staff who bathed, fed, and has cared for the dog, have named her Zoe, which means "fighter" in Greek. The dog was also determined to have a lesion on its brain after testing.

Canyon County Sheriff's Office Animal Control is asking anyone who might know the owner of the animal to contact them at 208-454-7531.




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