Domino's will be opening soon in Buhl and judging by the remodel. they are going to be opening very soon. It is going to be located right next to Ridley's Market.

I have heard that Buhl has some amazing options already for pizza so Domino's may have themselves a bit of a tough competition but it is also my understanding that the franchise is owned by a local person so it is still technically supporting local even though it is a chain.

Plus, Domino's has some great options other than pizza. If you haven't tried their chicken bites you are definitely missing out. The barbecue bacon chicken bites are by far my favorite. They are a good stop for lunch as well if you are looking for a solid sandwich or want to make your own pasta.

Twin Falls has 2 different Domino's so you know they are doing something right. I would not say they are my favorite pizza place in Twin Falls but they are still pretty good. You pretty much always know what you are going to get and if you have a picky family like mine who all want different things on their pizzas it is easy to get a bunch of medium pizzas with a bunch of different options for pretty affordable.

If you know when the new Domino's in Buhl is going to open for sure, let us know because I can't seem to find any information online about them just yet but that remodel already has the giant sign.

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