I've seen so many drone videos of the sights around Twin Falls, I'm becoming jaded when I come across a new one. But, this one captured my eye for a brand new reason.

This one comes from YouTuber Lee Stranahan. It's only 44 seconds long, but Lee captures one thing that I don't see many other drone videos focus on - the colors of Snake River Canyon.

It's par-for-the-course to see drone videos focus on the Perrine Bridge or Shoshone Falls. But, Lee's video really grabs all the yellows and greens that you see in Snake River Canyon in late summer and early fall. Judging by when Lee's video was shared, that time frame sounds about right.

There's nothing fancy or technically astounding about this video. But, if you like to be reminded of how colorful our canyon can be, this is a good conversation starter.

Well played, Mr. Stranahan.

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