This really isn't fair. It's hard enough to handle all of the beauty of Shoshone Falls with the amazing water flow that we've had this spring. Now, someone has captured that from the perspective right above a rainbow.

Carl Roessler captured this video and I absolutely loved what Carl said on Vimeo about his video:

Flying a drone around this waterfall is a one-trick pony, of course, but there are many angles from which to enjoy the pony.

Hilarious. Carl, you're right. If this is your pony, it's an amazing rainbow-colored pony. There are moments when I was sure that I was seeing a double rainbow, but I just figured it's because my eyeballs were being swallowed by all that liquid awesomeness.

For what it's worth, Carl shared a bunch of videos he captured at the Falls. Check them out if you're like me and just can't get enough of this.

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