Everyone knows Old Faithful at Yellowstone. It's famous for a good reason. But, let's not forget that Idaho has a geyser of its own and its not that far from the Magic Valley.

If you're veteran of Idaho, feel free to roll your eyes since you've almost certainly been here before. But, for the new kids, maybe you should consider a trip to the geyser in Soda Springs. It's just a hop, skip and a jump on the other side of Pocatello.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There's an amazing amount of history behind this geyser. If you check the Wikipedia page, you'll notice that the geyser is naturally-carbonated water. It's like the Earth giving you a very hot 7-Up. It was also a major part of the Oregon Trail. Back in those days, this was big-time entertainment for pioneers.

If nothing else, you could easily make Soda Springs a stop on your way to Yellowstone. Maybe the Soda Springs geyser could be like a warm-up act for Old Faithful.

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