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Call it bison hunters versus bison huggers.  A band of liberals is bent out of shape because several indigenous tribes are hunting bison in neighboring Montana.  This isn’t new.  The tribes have been hunting the animals for millennia.  They still have treaty rights to conduct the hunt.  The food provided is nutritious and goes a long way in feeding people who often have very few dietary options.  That happens with poor people and the indigenous are often impoverished.

According to the Independent Record out of Helena, the liberals are appalled that 400 bison were killed in the most recent roundup.  You can click here and read the original story.  One of the environmentalists was even upset because a pregnant animal was killed and the “fetus” was left behind (she offered no other evidence beyond her claim).  Would she shed the same tears for a human baby?

Listing bison as an endangered species is a possibility referenced in the story.  Would that constitute a treaty violation?

From what I see in all the tourist videos out of Yellowstone National Park, there is no shortage of bison currently roaming the region.

A lot of modern people don’t understand herd management.  After all, if you’re a vegan, none of this occurs to you.  I would also have a question for the people complaining.  What part of California are you from?

There are a lot of newbies in the mountain states and cultural clashes are common.  If you came here from someone else, you’d find getting by a lot easier if you don’t start by telling everyone else how to live.

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