Due to all of the time I spend on Zillow, my wife is convinced that I have a Property Brothers complex. She may be right, but I swear I've found an estate in Hagerman that even Drew and Jonathan would be excited about.

I don't think calling this a "home" is giving it enough credit. It's a 4-bed, 4-bath mansion/estate that even has its own vineyard. Oh, and did I mention that it's located right next to the Snake River? It is and has what appears to be its own dock. Nice.

The actual address is 18854 Highway 30 in Hagerman. I swear I've seen this home listed before, but it's showing that it's only been on Zillow for a day or two. I think I've seen this listed as a bed and breakfast since the listing does mention the sellers using it for that.

I'm hesitant to mention the price since this is where I always get in trouble with my wife. Surely she would have no problem with me writing a check for $1,250,000, right?

Yes, I'm probably a dead man walking.

But, if you gotta go, what better place to go than a huge estate on the Snake. Cindy Collins is the listing agent if you would like to join me in the doghouse.

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