I'm engaged!  Had to throw that one in there again, but this change of events has brought on different questions between myself and the fiance.  Like joint checking accounts, kids, but so far NOT chores!  According to a new study, splitting the chores 50/50 just pisses everyone off.  Now I thought, that would be the opposite.  I'll break it down after the jump.

According to the authors Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson of Spousanomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage, and Dirty Dishes:

Splitting the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and other household chores may seem fair, but an unbending line right down the middle can lead to more friction, not less, because no one is good and fast at all things. But when couples adopt the economic principle of “comparative advantage,” which says it’s not efficient to take on every task you’re good at, only the ones you are relatively better at, couples can gain time for the things they really want to do, the authors write.

So your saying I can axe the fiance from all things cooking?  All he cooks is bar food!  Anyways, back to how to make everyone happy AND get the chores done:

1. Have an honest talk about what tasks each of you is better at.

2. Gain new specializations. If you love being outside but have never mowed a lawn, it may be time to master the mower.

3. Let go of perfection. If your husband takes over the laundry, for example, don’t refold what he folds.

4. Fair doesn’t have to mean equal. Whether it’s because of comparative advantage or because one spouse works out of the home and the other at home, many couples will not have an even-split division of labor.

5. If kids come along…. Once you’ve ironed out all disagreements/agreements of splitting chores between the two of you, get ready for some new battles over what chores the kids should do, and how to make sure they follow through on their ‘assignments.’

So what about your home?  Any tips or tricks to make everything smooth at home?  Or do you just blow up on your fiance like me? :-)  It's good for him. LOL

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