The Lagoon Amusement Park in Utah is awesome. I grew up in Salt Lake City and we went there a number of times for family fun and other special occasions. Though the park has made massive changes since I lived in Utah, they have been good changes. There are now nine real roller coasters and dozens of other fun (and terrifying) rides for all ages.

But, Which Of All Of The Lagoon Rides Is The Best?

Obviously picking 'the best ride at Lagoon' is a matter of opinion. I love the roller coasters and my wife loves the rides that put you through vomit-inducing spins. My kids also have their favorite rides. This list will be my personal favorite rides at Lagoon, but I'm pretty sure most of you will agree with the ride choices, just maybe not the order I place them in.

These Are The 14 Best Rides At Lagoon For Adults

Best Rides At Lagoon Amusement Park

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Rides I included in my list of favorites: Colossus, Wicked, Cannibal, The Roller Coaster (White Coaster), Rattlesnake Rapids, Rocket Re-entry, Spider, Tidal Wave, Tilt A Whirl and the Tipsey Tea Cups, Bombora, the Bat, Wild Mouse, Jumping Dragon, and Musik Express. Primordial isn't included on the list, yet, because it is still under construction.

You may not approve, but I did not include the Log Flume because that ride is a waste of time and the line is always long. Also not included on the list is Dracula's Castle. Sure, it's a cool ride but definitely only a filler ride if you have time before you leave.

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