The 45-year anniversary of Evil Knievel's attempt to launch himself over the Snake River is just a couple of weeks away.

The date was September 8, 1974, that legendary stuntman Evil Knievel was lowered into a specially designed rocket and blasted into the sky over the Snake River. High winds resulted in Knievel barely making it a quarter of the way across before being blown back, and down into the river's edge where he suffered some minor injuries.

The stunt was attempted 42 years later by a longtime fan of Knievel and fellow daredevil Eddie Braun, who successfully sailed over the canyon on September 16, 2016. Braun landed with the aid of a parachute in a farmer's field.

The original attempt by Knievel is still something locals are proud of, and continue to talk about. The dirt mound where the vertical stabilizing structure for the ramp was built on remains standing today, and still brings tourists to the area annually.

For more info on the attempts, click here.


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