Today was a good day at work because I had quite a few conversations about upcoming movies and movies that are currently in theaters. There really is a lot to be excited about coming out of Hollywood. I was told today that I have to see the new Dune movie in the theater, not at home. I was also told that Marvel's Eternals is really good but if you aren't a big-time Marvel fan you could save some money and wait to stream it at home.

But, what if the price of admission didn't matter and you could watch all the movies for free? That would be sweet! Getting in to see movies free is actually a possibility if you have the right connection.

How To Watch Free Movies At Magic Valley Cinema 13

Getting into movies for free used to mean I had to sneak in with my friends but now all I need is for one of my kids to get a job at the theater. The Magic Valley Cinema 13 recently posted that employees and their families get to watch movies for free. When I was in high school, I had a few friends who worked at theaters and that was one of the big perks even 20 years ago.

My oldest daughter has been getting excited to turn 16 and the possibility of getting a job. She isn't excited to work, but she is excited at the thought of having money. I'm really pushing for her to apply at the movie theater. That's a job that would benefit both of us.

Do You Have a Teen In Need Of A  Flexible Job

The Magic Valley Cinema 13 is hiring for all positions and looking for full and part-time employees. Really, this doesn't have to be a job for teenagers. If you are an adult and looking for a job or to make some extra cash in your spare time, and you love free movies, you should check out the theater jobs.

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You can apply online while you look through the upcoming showtimes, dreaming about seeing all the blockbusters for free.

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