Magic Valley Cinema 13 has made the announcement that they are updating and upgrading its theaters as a way to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. We could not be more excited about some of these changes.

Upgrading Seating In Magic Valley Cinema 13

The seats themselves will be part of the upgrades. The seats they currently have really aren't that bad but it is nice to get brand new and improved seating. The seating will also be reserved. When you go online and purchase tickets you can pick exactly where your seat is going to be so you don't have to wait in line for an hour on big blockbusters and you can get the seats you want. The seating can also be changed upon availability.

Reserved Seating Pros

There are lots of good things about reserved seating. First and foremost, you can guarantee you will be happy or at least satisfied with the seats you choose. You don't have to wait in line forever to make sure you get a good seat. You don't have to use jackets or purses to try and save spots for your friends. You can pretty much guarantee at least two seats will be together because the theater has requested two seats between reserved seats.

Reserved Seating Cons

Jerks are the biggest con about reserved seating. When someone steals your seat and you have to confront them to get them out, and even worse, they refuse to move because that seat is better. Please don't be a jerk. It might be a little difficult to find the seat number due to it being dark but the cinema has tried to find ways around that as well.

These changes will be implemented through May so be patient and understanding that change is coming.

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