We’ve mentioned quite a few times that we need a dollar theater in Twin Falls, and this might be the closest we’ll ever get to that. On Saturday, September 3rd the Magic Valley Cinema 13 will be showing all movies for just $3.

$3 Movies For National Cinema Day In Twin Falls

Sure, it isn’t a dollar theater, but this will be $3 for any movie, any showtime, and any format. That’s a killer deal. Now, if popcorn and treats were that cheap I’d start to believe we were in heaven. The $3 movie deal is a way to celebrate National Cinema Day in Twin Falls and it is only valid on Saturday.

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National Cinema Day is presented by The Cinema Foundation as a ‘thank you’ to movie fans who frequent theaters and keep them in business and as a way to get those who haven’t been to a movie in a long time, back into theater seats.

Which Movies Will Be Showing For $3 In Twin Falls

The Magic Valley Cinema 13 in Twin Falls has updated its website to include which movies, formats, and times can be attended for the discounted price, and the answer is all of them. You can watch a movie in the afternoon or evening, in Dolby Atmos, or standard audio and screens for the same price. You can watch a movie that has been out for a long time like Spiderman: No Way Home or Top Gun: Maverick or you can watch a new release including Bullet Train or The Invitation. If you order tickets in advance from Fandango you can see that the price is actually $3.18.

You can check out all the movies and showtimes on Fandango and choose 1, or maybe 2, movies to watch this Saturday.

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