As the weather in the Magic Valley gets warmer and the area begins to dry up following a wetter-than-normal winter, security experts warn that southern Idaho homeowners could be targeted by criminals in the coming weeks.

Just like professional sports, Idaho crime has a season too. As spring continues and properties start drying up following several months of steady rain and snow, criminals begin to get more active, at least that is what the experts at are saying. Burglaries and home invasions increase drastically from spring through summer. There are some commonalities southern Idaho homeowners should be aware of when it comes to the types of properties targeted by criminals, according to

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Thankfully, I've never experienced a home break-in or invasion. Crime data that is available to the public seems to imply that the majority of these crimes happen during the day in the warmer months between May and September. Apparently, criminals aren't fans of cold or wet weather, which makes sense due to the fact that more evidence is noticeable when there's inclement weather.

Refraining from talking about stashes of guns or cash in the home might lessen a person's likelihood of falling victim to break-ins and home invasions. Lengthy vacations also increase a homeowner's chances of falling victim to such crimes as mail and packages pile up and the property appears vacant for weeks on end. Properties that have a large number of trees and bushes surrounding the home also are targeted more by criminals, according to the data.

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