In times of economic disaster such as what's currently taking place in the United States as far as inflation across the board including gasoline, people get desperate. One Twin Falls Facebook page that allows the public to comment on area crime has put a spotlight on one city dog park as dealing with automobile break-ins.

Just like any other public place where one might find a large number of parked automobiles, you should always lock your car doors when leaving your vehicle for an extended amount of time. Theft is a reoccurring problem in many cities, and Twin Falls is no exception. Dog park etiquette doesn't apply to crooks, and they will take advantage of any opportunity to earn a buck they can.

For those that take their pets to city dog parks, Baxter's Dog Park is one you've probably sat at before and watched your animal run around and enjoy itself. According to one member of the Magic Valley Crime & Community Facebook page, numerous car thefts have been occurring there.

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"Numerous cars have had purses, phones, and other valuables stolen," said one member in a post on June 11. The woman urged visitors to the park to keep their car doors locked. Visiting these parks during busier times when there are numerous pet owners present might help the problem, as there are more eyes to help identify and stop potential break-ins.

Help your fellow Twin Falls dog owners out by keeping an eye on the surroundings when at city parks.

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