With roughly one month of summer left in the year, many Idahoans still have vacations or weekend getaways planned. A new survey pinpoints the number one thing to watch for in your Twin Falls neighborhood that could mean your home is being cased by criminals.

Having just returned from a long vacation, the first thing I did was chat with my Twin Falls neighbors about any suspicious things that went down while I was away. Prior to leaving for my nine-day road trip, I arranged for a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for potential red flags on my property. To my relief, nothing seemed out of the ordinary when I returned late Sunday night.

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Data released earlier in 2022 paints Idahoans as not really too concerned with potential home break-ins or falling victim to a violent neighborhood crime. Idaho was listed among the top states where homeowners feel the safest. There's a common misconception that owning a gun and a dog are all a person needs to guarantee safety in their home.

According to ADT, one of the country's top home security specialists, the number one thing to watch for that could mean a criminal is targeting your home is unfamiliar neighborhood faces that are seen over the course of a few days. Cars with unfamiliar occupants parked on your Twin Falls street seen on consecutive days is a huge red flag.

Homicides, home invasions, and other violent crimes have been steadily on the rise throughout the United States since the pandemic began in 2020, according to information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Neighborhood watch plans are needed in America now, more than ever.

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